Adventure Medical Pro Series Mountain Medic II


Weighs 7 lbs, 12 oz. Measures 16″ x 10″ x 8″. This kit is designed to be used by rescue professionals trained as Paramedics, Wilderness EMTs, or Wilderness First Responders.

Medical Information: 1-Comp. Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine,; 6-Patient Assessment Form; 3-Pencil;

Medication: 12-Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2; 10-Acetaminophen (500 mg), Pkg./2; 20-Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg); 10-Aspirin (325 mg), Pkg./2; 5-Cold Medicine, Medicidin-D, Pkg./2; 7-Antacid, Pkg./2; 10-Diamode (Loperamide HCI 2 mg), Pkg./1; 5-Diotame (Bismuth Subsalicylate), Pkg./2; 1-Glutose Paste (Glucose 15 g); 2-Povidone Iodine, 2 oz; 1-Eye Wash, 2/3 oz, (20 ml); 2-Oral Rehydration Salts; 6-After Bite Sting and Itch Relief Wipe; 1-Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine, 4 oz; 1-Temporary Cavity Filling Mixture; 4-Plastic Vial, Flip-top, Large;

Personal Protection: 1-CPR Pocket Mask, Laerdal in Polybag; 2-Gloves, Nitrile (3 Pair), Three Hand Wipes;

Trauma: 1-SAM Splint, 4″ x 36″; 1-Trauma Pad, 8″ x 10″; 1-Trauma Pad, 5″ x 9″; 20-Dressing, Gauze, Non-Sterile, 4″ x 4″; 8-Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 3″ x 4″; 4-Bandage, Conforming Gauze, Non-Sterile, 3″; 2-Bandage, Triangular; 1-Bandage, Elastic with Velcro Closure, 4″; 1-Bandage, Elastic with Velcro Closure, 3″; 2-Tape, 1″ x 10 Yards; Essentials: 1-Scrub Brush, Sterile; 1-Wound Closure Strips, 1/4″ x

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